The Institut auf dem Rosenberg is located in St. Gallen, in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The history of the city dates back to 1612, when the Irish monk Gallus founded the monastery, which became an important cultural, scientific and creative center in the Middle Ages. Today, the monastery library constantly attracts visitors who come to look at the updated collection of unique books and even a real mummy.

Since its foundation in 1889, the Institut auf dem Rosenberg has been educating students in a multicultural and multilingual environment. It is located between Lake Constance and Alpstein (a section of the Alps), which allows a huge number of sports events for children and young people to be held here. Clean air, temperate climate and healthy natural conditions are ideal for studying and comprehensive development of the students.

The foreign students study at the Institute. During its existence, the school has gained a high international reputation. After the First World War and the death of the founder Dr. Schmidt in 1924, the institute faced a number of difficulties, which were solved by converting the school into an educational foundation in 1930. Thus, the "Institut Dr. Schmidt" became the Institut auf dem Rosenberg, and since then the name Gademann has become inextricably linked with him (this is the surname of the current president of the school). Thus, the "Dr. Schmidt Institute" became the Institut auf dem Rosenberg.

After the Second World War, the further development of the Institut auf dem Rosenberg continues. In the early fifties, the school began to offer a number of national exams and began to prepare students for German, Swiss, Italian and Anglo-American qualifications and certificates.

The school is 80 km away from Zurich Airport and only 10 km away from the Alterhein airport. This is the most beautiful school in Switzerland in terms of territory and interior decoration. It resembles a high-class hotel. The biology room, for example, is made in the form of a glass greenhouse, standing as if in the middle of a lake from which fountains are beating. Romantic pink umbrellas are given to all visitors in case of arrival during the rain, and a pink Rolls-Royce can be sent to the airport for you.

Bernhard Gademann obtained education of Master's degree in Business Management, Bachelor's degree in International Business from the European Business School of London.

The following famous persons have graduated the school in different years:

  • Mario Molina, chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry;
  • Christopher O'Neill, businessman;
  • Gunter Sash, photographer, businessman;
  • Alexander, Hereditary Prince of Hohenzollern.


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