The best college boarding house in the German-speaking part of Switzerland

Highly qualified teachers, small classes, study programs from five countries

5 language programs
Individual approach to each student
Large selection of extracurricular activities

Study in a UNESCO World Heritage City overlooking the Alps and Lake Constance

The historic center of St. Gallen is recognized as a World Heritage Site

7th largest city in Switzerland
Many cultural, natural attractions
The campus is located on a hill overlooking the city

Study and hobbies - all together and at the highest level

The daily schedule is compiled for each student individually.

Sports complex with outdoor areas
Arts Center with art, music studios
Individual training plans, nutrition with the support of personal trainers
Switzerland has the second best education system in the world
Do you need a quiet environment, climate and natural conditions for your child's education?
A and A* grades for A-Level graduates

Institut auf dem Rosenberg

Institut auf dem Rosenberg

  • Year of foundation of the Institut auf dem Rosenberg: 1889;
  • Location: St. Gallen;
  • Educational groups: 6-18 years;
  • Type of education: mixed;
  • Number of students: 350;
  • Educational programs: 
    • Abitur;
    • Maturita Italiana;
    • Swiss Matura Diploma;
    • English-American Section (GCSE, A-level, AP, High School Diploma);
    • Language courses (English, German and Italian).
  • Accommodation option: Residence
  • Rating: the best boarding school in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.


The private school Institut auf dem Rosenberg is one of the most prestigious secondary schools in Switzerland. Founded in the XIX century, today it has membership in the Association of private boarding schools of the country, the European Council of International Schools.

The educational institution prepares international students for admission to well-known universities of the world (in the EU, USA, Canada). The boarding school is distinguished by a variety of language programs. The educational institution has 4 departments: 

  • German;
  • English;
  • French;
  • Italian. 

Highly qualified teachers work with the students of each of them. The philosophy of the educational institution implies the absence of cliches and templates in building relationships with foreign students. Every child is perceived as a person. His preferences, ambitions, opportunities are taken into account when drawing up an individual curriculum.

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg has strict discipline rules. At the same time, the school retains a family atmosphere, very friendly, favorable for the development of children's abilities. In an educational institution, students not only receive academic knowledge. Foreign children here are brought up to be responsible, purposeful, and able to make effective decisions quickly. These qualities are the key to future successful studies at the university, career, life in general. A graduate of a boarding school is a person capable of clear self-discipline, motivated to achieve.

The educational institution has many advantages besides academic achievements. One of these is the location of the boarding school. The campus is located between the Alps and a picturesque lake. The territory of the Private School Institut auf dem Rosenberg is the purest mountain-lake air, an abundance of greenery, stunning views of the mountains. This, together with the comfort offered by the school, determines the choice of many foreign students in its favor.

In the city of St. Gallen, where the school is located, there are many opportunities for organizing interesting leisure activities. In a cozy place between the lake and the mountains, libraries, galleries, museums, theaters, concert halls, small cafes with magnificent views from windows and playgrounds are always open to those who wish.

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg school was founded by Ulrich Schmidt in 1889. By the beginning of the century, the school began to enjoy great popularity among the noble families of Europe. After the end of the Second World War, the heyday of the school began. In the early 1950s, the Institut auf dem Rosenberg received the right to conduct examinations for obtaining a certificate of full secondary education of German, British and American standards, in addition to the national Swiss. 


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