Requirements for admission in Institut auf dem Rosenberg

Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg is a school founded in 1889. It is one of the oldest Swiss schools. More than 300 international students from 50 countries study here. The school has a strong and effective educational basis. The educational proportion  in the institute is 2 students for each teacher. Admission to educational program begins at the age of 6.

The Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg is located in the famous Swiss city of St. Gallen, next to Lake Constance and the Alpstein subsystem of the Alps. This location makes the local climate warm all year round, and the air is crystal clear. Due to its location, the Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg is only 10 kilometers from the international airport. The nearest major city, Zurich, is 80 kilometers from the Swiss school.

Speaking about the Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg, it is impossible not to note its extremely impressive scope. The school owns 100,000 square meters of forested area with landscaped gardens. It has expensive campuses for sports and creativity, and special laboratories for sciences. The same applies to the living conditions of the students. Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg is one of the few Swiss schools that allow foreign students to freely buy single rooms, because all local residences were once private villas. But at the same time, even double apartments have their own shower and toilet.

List of the main advantages of the institute:

The educational infrastructure of the boarding school Institut auf dem Rosenberg is represented by:


Also on the territory there are tennis courts, an indoor swimming pool.

Tuition fee at the Rosenberg Institute is 93,000 CHF . Some educational services are paid additionally to tuition fee:

Additional cost can reach amount to 47,000 CHF.

A distinctive feature of the Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg is the availability of special programs that give students something more than just theory.

Rosenberg Creative Lab is a campus worth millions of francs, including workshops and studios for dozens of directions.

Rosenberg Talent & Enrichment is an educational program that helps to translate the creative ideas of the students of the Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg into reality.

Rosenberg Artisans is a program in which the Swiss school resurrects the system of masters and apprentices, offering professional mentors in a variety of fields.

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