Education programs

At the Institut auf dem Rosenberg, the students can choose an international, German, British, Swiss, Italian or American educational system. Regardless of the country in which the student plans to continue his education, at school he will have an impeccable preparation for admission to the chosen university. Highly qualified teachers work with the students of each of them. The philosophy of the educational institution implies the absence of cliches and templates in building relationships with students. Every child is perceived as a person. His preferences, ambitions, opportunities are taken into account when drawing up an individual curriculum.

The British program is taught in English. In grades 9-10, the students study according to the GCSE system: they study 8-10 disciplines, which they then take exams in. The next 2 years (A-level) are purposeful preparation for university admission. Students master from 3 to 5 disciplines necessary for them to enter the chosen university.

GCSE and A-level subjects are the following:

  • English language;
  • English literature;
  • Mathematics;
  • Physics;
  • Chemistry;
  • Biology;
  • History;
  • Geography;
  • Economy;
  • German language;
  • French;
  • Music;
  • Art;
  • Foreign languages of your choice.

According to US High School Diploma & AP, the students study subjects that correspond to the American educational system, prepare for the SAT test and can choose several AP disciplines (from the same list as A-level) to get acquainted with them at an advanced level.

The Abitur program is designed for students who plan to enroll in universities in Germany. The course meets the standards approved in Baden-Württemberg, the most difficult academic program in Germany. At the end of the studying, the students take oral and written exams.

Swiss Matura program lasts 4 years. In the first two, the students study at the Institut auf dem Rosenberg, and the last two at a partner educational institution – the Trogen Cantonal School. In addition to academic disciplines, the students complete a course of critical thinking and attend elective classes. This program gives you the opportunity to enroll in all universities in Switzerland.

Within the Italian Esame di stato program, the students can choose one of two programs. Maturita Scientifica implies an emphasis on the study of natural sciences and is designed for students who want to study at Italian universities in technical specialties. For children who prefer a liberal arts education, it is better to give preference to a program with a linguistic bias Maturità Linguistica. In addition to Italy, Swiss universities also accept this certificate.


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