The philosophy of the school is based on the statement that the main goal of education is to teach students to live, to help them to become a full-fledged member of society, able to set and implement goals, and to easily get out of conflict situations. The Institut auf dem Rosenberg believes that life is impossible without movement and constant development, which can exist only if a person is independent, but not isolated from society. Therefore, children are taught independence here and at the same time the ability to build strong ties with other people. By their example, teachers show the success of this strategy. They form a trusting relationship with students, so that the child feels protected.

The international atmosphere of the Institut auf dem Rosenberg influences the curriculum and the education of students. The students are taught several foreign languages so that the children can feel comfortable in a multinational community. Knowledge of the language helps to understand the culture and mentality of another nation, and the formation of dialogue and close ties between students. Moreover, the dialogue between students and the outside world is one of the most important tasks for school teachers.

At the Institut auf dem Rosenberg, the students can choose an international, German, British, Swiss, Italian or American education system. Regardless of the country in which the student plans to continue his education, at school he will have an impeccable preparation for admission to the chosen university.

All students must dress according to the dress code of the Institut auf dem Rosenberg. For boys, it implies a business suit, and for girls – elegant outfits in a classic style. Manners, moral values, and the wealth of the spiritual world are not the last items in the school's educational program. All this, along with a strong academic background, a variety of sports, creative and recreational activities, contributes to the fact that formed personalities graduate from the Institut auf dem Rosenberg, who perfectly imagine their life priorities.

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg has an advantageous geographical location – the school is located between Lake Constance and the highest point of the Swiss Alps, Mount Zentis. This allows students to enjoy both standard and elite sports during the academic year – downhill skiing and snowboarding, horse riding and water skiing, golf and tennis, fencing and mountain biking. In addition, the proximity of the mountains opens up amazing opportunities for outdoor walks and eco-tourism.


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