Admission process

The following documents may be required for admission to the school:

  • Statement with grades for the last 2 years;
  • Copy of passport;
  • Recommendations from teachers in foreign language and mathematics, if desired — from the class teacher and other teachers;
  • A cover letter written by the student himself, which reveals the topic "why do I want to study at your school?";
  • All regalia and awards, sports, scientific and creative achievements;
  • Foreign language test (to be taken at a school or at an accredited center);
  • The school may also ask you to take additional tests in other academic disciplines (they are taken at the school or at an accredited center).
  • Medical record and vaccination history.

Deciding on the enrolment in Institute Auf Dem Rosenberg, the foreign students obtain:

  • A variety of curricula and courses: excellent education according to any model - Italian, Swiss, Anglo-American, German;
  • Active study of modern foreign languages: even educational courses are offered here in English or German;
  • Strict discipline does not affect the friendly, family atmosphere in any way: here every child feels loved, needed, unique, talented;
  • Good geographical location: Zurich and Bern are within 100 kilometers, Lake Constance and the Alpstein mountain peaks are very close;
  • Clean air and favorable, sunny climate, ecologically clean region, elite and calm;
  • The widest opportunities for extracurricular development: creative, sports, social, moral and spiritual;
  • The opportunity to take preparatory courses at the London Academy of Music and Drama (LAMDA), to receive a specialized music certificate ABRSM;
  • A variety of seasonal language programs, the opportunity to prepare for various exams - Cambridge, SAT, IELTS, Goethe, DELF, PLIDA.

The educational institution prepares students for admission to well-known universities of the world (in the EU, America, Canada). The boarding school is distinguished by a variety of language programs. The educational institution has 4 departments: German, English, French, Italian. Highly qualified teachers work with the students of each of them. The philosophy of the educational institution implies the absence of cliches and templates in building relationships with students. Every child is perceived as a person. His preferences, ambitions, opportunities are taken into account when drawing up an individual curriculum.

The equipment of the school includes sports grounds, tennis courts, rooms for artistic disciplines, laboratories, an IT center, linguistic classrooms - in a word, absolutely everything you need for a successful education.

The famous graduates of the school:

  • Mario Molina, chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry;
  • Christopher O'Neill, businessman;
  • Gunter Sash, photographer, businessman;
  • Alexander, Hereditary Prince of Hohenzollern.


Application for admission