Sports and extracurricular activities

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg has an advantageous geographical location – the school is located between Lake Constance and the highest point of the Swiss Alps, Mount Zentis, allowing students to enjoy both standard and elite sports throughout the year – downhill skiing and snowboarding, horse riding and water skiing, golf and tennis, fencing and mountain biking. In addition, the proximity of the mountains opens up amazing opportunities for outdoor walks and eco-tourism.

The students of the Institut auf dem Rosenberg spend their free time very exciting – they regularly travel as part of organized groups to the most interesting cities in Europe, visit museums, prestigious art exhibitions, theaters and opera. However, for less serious leisure options, the guys have plenty of opportunities: they ride on karting, are enthusiastically engaged in shopping and play outdoor games.

Well-balanced leisure and a complex of sports activities allow children to develop comprehensively. Downhill skiing, snowboarding, ice skating in winter, tennis and water skiing in summer, as well as football, basketball, mountain biking, rock climbing, golf, swimming, dancing, fencing – and this is not the full range of activities offered to children.

Sporting events are complemented by cultural trips to Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, Milan, Munich and Innsbruck, as well as visits to museums, galleries, theaters and opera houses, as well as local cultural events.

The equipment of the school includes sports grounds, tennis courts, rooms for artistic disciplines, laboratories, an IT center, linguistic classrooms - absolutely everything you need for a successful education.

The material base of the boarding school Institut auf dem Rosenberg is represented by an academic building with classrooms, laboratories, an IT center, facilities for the development of students' creative abilities, linguistic classrooms, a library, and many sports grounds. Also on the territory there are tennis courts, an indoor swimming pool.

The international atmosphere of the Institut auf dem Rosenberg influences the curriculum and the education of students. They are taught several foreign languages so that the children can feel comfortable in a multinational community. Knowledge of the language helps to understand the culture and mentality of another people, and, the formation of dialogue and close ties between students, between students and the outside world is one of the most important tasks for school teachers.


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