The students are accommodated on the campus of the Institut auf dem Rosenberg in beautiful comfortable residences. Depending on their wishes, the student can stay in a 1-bed or 2-bed room with individual or shared facilities. Girls and boys live separately. Children are offered double and single rooms.

Boarding at the school involves the placement of children in residences with comfortable apartments. Amenities are available both in the rooms and in the blocks. The terms of placement are negotiated upon admission. Three meals a day are provided for boarding school children. For this purpose, the school has a spacious dining room. Meals are organized on the full board basis.

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg has strict discipline rules. At the same time, the school retains a family atmosphere, very friendly, favorable for the development of children's abilities. In an educational institution, the students not only receive academic knowledge. Children here are brought up to be responsible, purposeful, and able to make effective decisions quickly. These qualities are the key to future successful studies at the university, career, life in general. A graduate of a boarding school is a person capable of clear self-discipline, motivated to achieve.

The educational institution has many advantages besides academic achievements. One of these is the location of the boarding school. The campus is located between the Alps and a picturesque lake. The territory of the Private School Institut auf dem Rosenberg is the purest mountain-lake air, an abundance of greenery, stunning views of the mountains. This, together with the comfort offered by the school, determines the choice of many foreign students in its favor.

In the city of St. Gallen, where the school is located, there are many opportunities for organizing interesting leisure activities. In a cozy place between the lake and the mountains, libraries, galleries, museums, theaters, concert halls, small cafes with magnificent views from windows and playgrounds are always open to those who wish.

The material base of the boarding school Institut auf dem Rosenberg is represented by an academic building with classrooms, laboratories, an IT center, facilities for the development of students' creative abilities, linguistic classrooms, a library, and many sports grounds. Also on the territory there are tennis courts, an indoor swimming pool.


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